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Try out a smartwatch. Measure behavior. Help Science.


Are you:

  • A Northeastern student or staff member?
  • Age 18-55 years old?
  • Someone who does NOT need reading glasses to read their phone?
  • An Android phone user with a data contract?
  • Planning on keeping your current phone for next four weeks?
  • Willing to allow a research mobile app to use a small amount of your phone’s data allocation for the sake of research?
  • Willing to wear up to 2 activity trackers on the ankle, and/or wrist?


If so, then you may qualify to take part in a research study:



“Measuring Behavior for Health Research Using Technology”


If you qualify to participate then we will ask you to install an app on your phone and run the app for four weeks. You will be asked to carry your phone with you as you normally would, trying to keep it within earshot most of the time. You may also be asked to wear a provided smartwatch for 1 week. You will be asked to respond to questions either displayed on your Android phone or on the provided smartwatch when prompted. The prompts will consist of audible beeps or vibration. The questions will be about your mood, feelings, or alertness, or they may be about whether you are engaged in common, everyday activities such as walking, sitting, standing, and eating. Finally, you may be asked to wear up to two activity trackers on your ankle, and/ or wrist for one week during the study. Other than wearing the technology and answering questions when prompted, you will just go about your normal daily activities.

There is no financial compensation for participation in this study, but your participation may help scientists studying health and wellness. However, at the end of the study, you will be allowed to use the smartwatch as your personal device for an additional four days. If you would like to learn more, please contact me: graduate student Aditya Ponnada at or [617-306-1610].


Note: This study has been approved by Northeastern University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) as IRB#14-10-01.

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