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How could machines learn as efficiently as humans and animals? 

How could machines learn to reason and plan?

How could machines learn representations of percepts and action plans at multiple levels of abstraction, enabling them to reason, predict, and plan at multiple time horizons? 

In this seminar, Yann LeCun will propose a possible path towards autonomous intelligent agents, based on a new modular cognitive architecture and a somewhat new self-supervised training paradigm. The centerpiece of the proposed architecture is a configurable predictive world model that allows the agent to plan.  Behavior and learning are driven by a set of differentiable intrinsic cost functions.  The world model uses a new type of energy-based model architecture called H-JEPA (Hierarchical Joint Embedding Predictive Architecture). H-JEPA learns hierarchical abstract representations of the world that are simultaneously maximally informative and maximally predictable. The corresponding working paper is available here.

Following the lecture there will be a fireside chat with Yann LeCun and Executive Director of the Institute for Experiential AI, Usama Fayyad. 

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