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The Roux Institute speaker series concludes with a panel discussion featuring company founders moderated by Chris Wolfel, DMSB'13, Director of Entrepreneurship.


About the series: 

Roux Institute at Northeastern University, an engine of innovation, talent-building, and economic growth for Portland, Maine, and northern New England, is thrilled to welcome the community to campus this spring. 'The Roux Institute Presents' features people from across our diverse ecosystem - from learners and faculty, to partners, founders, and more. Whether Northeastern holds a special place in your heart, or you are new to its global community, we invite you to join us this spring for thought-provoking conversations and networking.

This series will alternate between in-person early evening events followed by networking receptions, and virtual noon-time webinars. The series is open to all members of our community. Please join as many as you can attend.

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