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In the United States, we largely depend on oil, coal, and natural gas to heat our homes, fuel our vehicles, power our manufacturing facilities, and provide us with electricity. In fact, more than 80% of our energy use comes from fossil fuels. We’ve not only reached the critical point where declines in supplies are diminishing and costs are rising, but, even more concerning is the collateral damage of global warming and pollution on our planet’s climate and ecosystem. New energy sources are critical to the survival and wellbeing of our world.

Join Dean Hazel Sive for a discussion with chemistry and chemical biology professor Sanjeev Mukerjee and COS students to discuss electrochemical material science and the latest discoveries in battery, fuel cell and electrolyzer technologies and how they might transform the future of energy and sustainability of our environment. 

Part of the College of Science Conencts: The Good Power of Science Series.

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