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Have questions about language? Drop in and ask professional linguists your questions! Or come and listen to other questions! We'll try to answer anything about language! Come for a minute or the full hour and learn more about the scientific approach to language study!! This event is welcome for any member of the Northeastern community: come and geek out on language with us!

What can you ask? Anything! Here are a few samples: Where does a particular word come from? How do languages change over time? How come it is so easy for babies to learn language, but it’s harder for us to learn languages as we get older? How many language do linguists really speak? What is a wug? And why is it important? What is a stranded preposition? Do I speak with a dialect? How do you form a click consonant? How can you roll an ‘r’? What is a tonal language?

The full description of the Q&A event can be found through SAIL

Sponsored by the Linguistics Program at Northeastern. For further information, contact us at

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