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Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy: Why Do They Need Each Other?

Artificial Intelligence has undergone a boom in recent years, and its applications are now ubiquitous, figuring in our private and professional lives, and raising profound issues for society at large (e.g. in relation to algorithmic bias, autonomous machines, data privacy, democratic deliberation, etc). In this international roundtable, hosted by New College of the Humanities (NCH: Northeastern's campus in London), experts in Philosophy, Ethics, AI, and Robotics, from Northeastern, NCH, and University of Manchester in England discuss the question of how both industry and the field of AI can benefit from input from philosophy… and vice versa.

Audience participation is very much encouraged, and attendees can expect to acquire – and perhaps contribute – insights on the value of interdisciplinary engagement, and education, across these diverse fields.

Helpful pre-event reading:

B. Ball and A. Koliousis. 2021. Training Philosopher Engineers. PEA Soup, The Pebble. (Blog)

Questions? Email Andre Kostousov


Dial-In Information

It is a Zoom event. Please register at https://northeastern.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_lqY9flCTRP2apGBBwJUuJQ

Friday, April 9 at 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Virtual Event