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An African American Dilemma in Boston: How School Integrationists and Separatists Created a Dynamic Movement for Educational Reform, 1840s-present

Join historian Zoë Burkholder as she analyzes the longstanding debates over school integration versus separation among Black communities in Boston. In her new book, An African American Dilemma: A History of School Integration and Civil Rights in the North, Burkholder offers a detailed social history of the debates within northern Black communities over the question of which strategy would best serve the larger Black freedom struggle: racially integrated schools, or separate, Black-controlled ones in a legally desegregated system?


Who was on each side, how did these debates evolve over time, and what was the relationship between this contentious struggle for educational equality and the larger civil rights movement? In this talk, Burkholder devotes special attention this fiercely contested question in Boston and the surrounding region with surprising consequences for contemporary educational reform.  


This talk is the first of four in the "Savage Inequalities" series, which examines the history of activists' attempts to confront inequities in US education.


Join virtually by registering for this webinar here: https://northeastern.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_8Tk9aygtQCOrxM3bDSIakA

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Thursday, October 14 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Renaissance_Park, 909
1135 Tremont Street

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