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Please join us at our next NUCare/Personal Health Informatics weekly seminar on Monday, 10/19 at 12:00 PM in 415 Shillman Hall! We will hear from Professor Jochen Meyer of the Oldenburger Institute for Information Technology (OFFIS) in Oldenburg, Germany. His work focuses on ambient health technologies.


It is a strange paradox that we are talking about health technology, but care much more about disease technology. We address chronic diseases, we want to change unhealthy behaviors, we aim to help careers and nurses - but we hardly ever look at those who are and want to remain healthy. This is strange, as times of health outnumber periods of disease in most person's lifetimes. In my talk I will discuss some challenges related to technology for living healthy, e.g.:

Why is there an inherent trade-off between quality of data and precision?

How can we measure health beyond counting steps?

Can we really design systems for life-long use, and what would they look like?

Based on these challenges I will provide insight into our work on usable and reasonable technology for holistic lifelong health.

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