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Monday, September 20

First Pages: Creative Freewriting and Journaling

CSDS is collaborating with Northeastern First Pages to organize Mindfulness, Interfaith learning, and Dialogue opportunities for students. Whether you have...

Biology Colloquia Series: Justin Crane

Justin Crane, Northeastern University presents: Metabolite Signals Governing Skin Aging and Repair https://cos.northeastern.edu/people/justin-crane/

The Hijacked Brain: Delving Deeper into Depression and Addiction

In Transcendent Kingdom, Gifty’s family was affected by depression and drug addiction—two diseases that reflect disorders in motivation and reward...

Creative Freewriting and Journaling

Gyasi is an acclaimed writer. The act of writing is much more than an accomplishment of technical proficiency; it is a practice that can sustain our...

Monday, September 20