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Tuesday, June 15

Dissertation Defense - Elicia Cousins

Elicia Cousins will present her thesis entitled: Reproducing Invisibility: Contested Narratives About Radiation Health Effects After Fukushima

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College of Science Connects: Research at the Frontier - Theoretical Condensed Matter & Biological Physics

Join Hazel Sive, Dean of the College of Science, as she talks to Alessandro Vespignani, Sternberg Family Distinguished Professor of Physics. Alessandro...

Graduate Business Programs Mock Class with Professor Kwong Chan

Join Professor Kwong Chan and admissions representatives at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business. Learn about data analytics and how it is impactful across...

Virtual Event
Designing Assignments for Asynchronous Online Courses

Designing effective assignments for asynchronous online courses involves considering the flow of time, the clarity of instructions, the use of technological...

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Nardone Family Seminar: Innovating for the Middle of the Pyramid in Emerging Countries

Professors Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra and Miguel A. Montoya will discuss their recent co-authored book “Innovating for the Middle of the Pyramid in Emerging...

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Tuesday, June 15