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Wednesday, November 3

Boston's North End: Negotiating Identity in an Italian American Community

Presentation by Augusto Ferraiuolo, an Italian anthropologist, who will talk about the Italian community of the North End, and the way this community has...

Virtual Event
Boston North End: Negotiating Identities in an Italian-American Community

In this talk, Prof. Ferraiuolo examines the Italian American community of Boston’s North End as a case study to analyze the negotiating identities of Italian...

Virtual Event
Wicked Conversations: On Identity, Intersectionality, and Ideology

Wicked problems are social or cultural problems that are difficult to explain and inherently impossible to solve. Dr’s Maber and Raghunath will host an...

Virtual Event
Open Classroom Fall 2021: Repairing a Divided America

The fall 2021 semester’s Open Classroom will focus on hate crimes, anti-Semitism, anti-Asian discrimination, and on ways of bringing together disparate...

Wednesday, November 3