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Friday, November 12

Give Thanks, Lend A Hand

Let's come together to show support during this thanksgiving season. Numerous spiritual groups have come together to host the Morville House Thanksgiving...

SF Campus Dinner Dialogue

Join us for engaging conversation on a culturally relevant conversation over dinner. All SFBA students are welcome! This month's theme: Relationships with...

Full-Time MBA "Ask Me Anything"

Chat with Associate Director of Admissions, Alexandra Munroe, to learn what sets the D’Amore-McKim Full-Time MBA apart. Ask any questions you may have...

Virtual Event
Bioengineering PhD Student Seminar Series

Join us Friday, November 12 at 12:00 PM in Churchill Hall 101 for the Bioengineering PhD Student Seminar Series! Our first presenter will be Bioengineering...

ChE Seminar Series: Designing Optically Active Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

ChE Seminar Series Presents: Dr. Allison Dennis Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering Boston University Abstract:...

Conscious Connections

A confidential, spiritual affinity circle for Northeastern faculty and staff to come together.

PPE Speaker Series: Can School Integration Bring About Equal Education?

Racial integration has been oversold to the American public as a low-cost route to equality of education. Educational equality can be created only by...

Quick 30: Programs and Student Services for Part-Time MBA Students

Join Associate Director of Admissions, Mary McNamara, and Assistant Dean and Director of Programs and Student Services, Gail Justino-Miller, to learn how our...

Virtual Event
Circle of Life

Join the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service as we close our week with a communal sharing of stories. Each week will feature a new topic and...

Bio/Nano Innovation Seminar Series - "Considerations for Nanomedicine Translation from Bench to Bedside"

Dr. Srinivas Sridhar Distinguished Professor of Physics, Northeastern University "Considerations for Nanomedicine Translation from Bench to Bedside" ...

454 Ryder
Stream Available
Bachae Poster

Live, in-person theatrical production. The Bacchae is a revenge tragedy – Dionysos, also known as Bacchus, God of Wine, Revelry and Theatre – avenges the...

Friday, November 12