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Monday, October 25

SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Digital Conference

Join the Graduate School of Engineering Admissions Team at the SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Digital Conference held from October 25-29. Representatives...

Ask Your Graduate Ambassador Anything!

You are invited to a live chat for all graduate engineering programs at Northeastern University! This is designed for prospective students to ask any...

Biology Colloquia Series: Daniel Colon-Ramos

Daniel Colon-Ramos, Yale University presents: Mechanisms of synapse assembly and function, lessons from C. elegans medicine.yale.edu/lab/colon_ramos/

Virtual Event
From White Supremacist to Human Rights Activist

Ex-KKK Grant Wizard and former Neo Nazi TM Garret joins us to talk about how he changed his worldview and now uses his platform to fight against hate.

Powerful Pranayama and "Does God exist?" discussion

I cordially invite you all to the Wisdom, Productivity and Happiness series. Tomorrow, we will go over the topic of "Does God exist?" through a fascinating...

Monday, October 25