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Monday, September 9

Do you have a Vision Disorder? Participate in a NIH funded research study

Do you have a confirmed diagnosis for Macular Degeneration, or other ophthalmic condition such as Glaucoma, Optical Neuritis, Or Multiple Sclerosis. If so,...

2019 Fall Biology Colloquium Series

Prof. Buck Samuel of Baylor College of Medicine presents: "Cultivated relationships: host genetics shape microbiome form and function" ...

Daily Guided Meditation

Come join students, faculty, and staff of Northeastern in a 30-minute Guided Meditation led by Minfulness Fellows (Mellows) in the beautiful and reflective...

Mindfulness Guided Meditations

Free meditation classes led by Mindfulness Fellows (Mellows)!

Mindfulness Yoga

Free classes led by CSDS yoga affiliates!

Narcissism in modern society - a special presentation

Welcome to our Fall 2019 offering. This semester, we will focus our presentations around the theme "Improve your Emotional Intelligence". As usual, we will...

Monday, September 9