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Saturday, May 18

Chinese Speakers Needed!

The Phonology and Reading Lab at NEU is seeking native Chinese speakers to take part in an experiment on the perception of language. The experiment is...

MIND Lab: Recruiting Musicians and Non-Musicians to Investigate the Effect of Music on the Brain!

The Music, Imaging, and Neural Dynamics (MIND) Laboratory is recruiting female jazz improvising musicians, male and female classical musicians and...

Online Game Study

For our research, we are interested in determining your player preferences or type. You will play a short game and will then complete a short survey. After...

Paid video gaming study in the ReGame-VR lab!

Typically developing children aged 8-16 are needed to take part in a short motor learning study exploring how new skills are learnt in an active video game!...

Senior Show, Department of Art + Design

Join us for the annual Department of Art + Design Senior Show Opening on April 25th. This show highlights a broad array of projects from animation, apps,...

Graduate Business Immersion Day

Get an upclose, and behind-the-scenes view of Northeastern's Graduate Business experience

Saturday, May 18