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Why Time Management Won't Stop Your Procrastination

Note: This Language & Culture workshop series from Global Student Success is designed for international students. Time management and procrastination can...

10/18 3pm
Virtual Event
Python and Text Analysis for Absolute Beginners (Part 2)

Part two of a two-part session on text analysis. This event will be hosted with Research Data Services and the Digital Scholarship Group as part of the...

10/20 12pm
Virtual Event
Northeastern Data Destruction Day 2021

If it’s time to say goodbye to that old device—and if it has the ability to hold data, make sure you PROPERLY and SAFELY destroy the device and associated...

Creative Freewriting and Journaling

Gyasi is an acclaimed writer. The act of writing is much more than an accomplishment of technical proficiency; it is a practice that can sustain our...

Biology Colloquia Series: Daniel Colon-Ramos

Daniel Colon-Ramos, Yale University presents: Mechanisms of synapse assembly and function, lessons from C. elegans medicine.yale.edu/lab/colon_ramos/

10/25 12pm
Virtual Event
Finding Your Balance as an International Student

Studying abroad can be such an exciting and meaningful experience, but it does come with its own challenges and difficulties. As an international student,...

10/18 7pm
Virtual Event
SF Decoration & Movie Event on 10/21 starting at 3pm to 5pm

Join us at the SF Campus to decorate the Student Lounge in the Halloween spirit and spooky movie. EVENT TIME: 3PM - 5PM Pacific

NULab Grant Recipients Lightning Talks

Please join us on Wednesday, October 27 at 12pm (Eastern) for a set of lightning talks presented by recipients of NULab Seedling and Travel Grants. This...

10/27 12pm
Virtual Event
Misinformation Speaker Series: “Mainstream Media is the Problem” by David Rothschild, Microsoft Research

There is a lot of concern about how the news ecosystem affects public opinion, political polarization, and democracy. Most of the research and public debate...

10/18 12pm
Virtual Event
IRJ Race and Community Dialogue Series: Workforce Development Forum on Race and Returning to Work in a Pandemic Economy

The Institute on Race and Justice and its Community Advisory Board Presents its second annual "Race and Community Dialogue Series". This series will consist...

10/26 3:30pm
Virtual Event