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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Academia

Join this workshop to learn more about imposter syndrome and its capacity to make us feel like we don't belong in or aren't good enough for our academic...

4/22 2pm
Virtual Event
Linguistics Program Poster Session

Join us for a poster session where students from several Linguistics courses will present their work from this semester. If you're interested in language...

4/21 9am
Virtual Event
Post-COVID Futures: How Design and Architecture Affect Public Health, Wellness, and the Future of Work

Join Elizabeth Hudson, Dean of the College of Arts, Media and Design, Dan Adams, Director of the School of Journalism, Sara Jensen Carr, Assistant Professor...

4/28 3pm
Virtual Event
The Challenge for Chinese companies going public in the US. Who wins and who loses in the changing landscape?

At one time, going public in the US was a dream for many companies. More recently, US regulation, legislation, and compliance requirements have driven...

5/12 6pm
Virtual Event
Making a Graduate School Plan

In this intensive workshop, we’ll walk through the steps of identifying a right fit graduate program and help you plan out the who, what, when, where, and...

ECE MS Thesis Defense: Yize Li

MS Thesis Defense: Supervised Classification on Deep Neural Network Attack Toolchains Yize Li Location: Zoom Link Abstract: Deep learning, while an important...

ECE MS Thesis Defense: Ashutosh Singh

MS Thesis Defense: Variation is the Norm: Brain State Dynamics Evoked By Emotional Video Clips Ashutosh Singh Location: Zoom Link Abstract: Past affective...

MS Thesis Defense: Hao Chen

MS Thesis Defense: Reconstruction of Sulcal Geometry in Brain Stimulation Models using Spherical Harmonics Hao Chen Location: Zoom Link Abstract: Over the...

IRJ Fourth Annual David B. Schulman Distinguished Lecture, featuring honored guest Dr. Jennifer Cobbina from Michigan State University

The Institute on Race and Justice presents its fourth annual David B. Schulman Distinguished Lecture, featuring honored guest Dr. Jennifer Cobbina, Associate...

4/20 5pm
Virtual Event
Celebration Honoring Prof. Shiti Malhotra

Prof. Malhotra will sadly be leaving the Linguistics Program after this semester. Anyone from the NEU community is welcome to join us to celebrate all of her...

4/20 5:30pm
Virtual Event