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Sacred Space

Second Floor, Ell Hall

The Sacred Space is an open, warmly lit and simply furnished area. It offers an atmosphere of peace, a sense of the holy and a refuge for prayer, contemplation or meditation.

Place Type

Multifaith Sacred Space


(617) 373-2728



Upcoming Events

Meditation With Ben

Meditation With Ben 3/26 5:30pm

Yoga and Meditation series

Yoga and Meditation series 3/27 7:30pm

Welcome to our Spring 2017 offerings! In this semester, we are offering a special Yoga and meditation series with the following agenda. 7:30pm - Yoga...

Mediation With Emily

Mediation With Emily 3/28 12:30pm

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Darlene Montgomery

Darlene Montgomery left a review 1/20/2016

I thought this was cancel.

Bhargav Tulabandula

Bhargav Tulabandula left a positive review 10/19/2015

loved it

Abdulrahman Alharbi

Abdulrahman Alharbi left a positive review 4/13/2015

Very helpful ... coming from a third year engineering student :P

Abdulrahman Alharbi

Abdulrahman Alharbi left a positive review 4/7/2015

Very refreshing

Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet left a positive review 3/30/2015

Wonderful. Will be back.

Ravi Karthick Sankara Narayanan

Ravi Karthick Sankara Narayanan left a positive review 3/25/2015

It's was so exciting things we learned.I highly recommend the undergraduate students should participate in this event to sharpen their mathematical skills.

Amitha Dasari

Amitha Dasari left a positive review 3/15/2015

It gave me a new experience of how I could concentrate on myself. It was peaceful as well.

Sangjukta Sen Roy

Sangjukta Sen Roy left a review 2/16/2015

I went there but could not find anyone in room El 200. I also checked in room 201 but could not find anyone there

Raveena Ovalekar

Raveena Ovalekar left a positive review 1/18/2015

It was really helpful.

Ana Maria Aristimunho Teixeira

Ana Maria Aristimunho Teixeira left a review 10/17/2014

It's a cool activity, but certainly isn't meditation. It's more like some sort of body therapy.

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