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Sacred Space

Second Floor, Ell Hall

The Sacred Space is an open, warmly lit and simply furnished area. It offers an atmosphere of peace, a sense of the holy and a refuge for prayer, contemplation or meditation.

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Multifaith Sacred Space


(617) 373-2728



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Meditation With Ben

Meditation With Ben 4/30 5:30pm

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Olivia Orr

Olivia Orr left a negative review 4/19/2017

VERY disappointing. Katy was meditating on her own in the room and completely ignored us when she was supposed to be teaching a class. after I brought this up to the admins at the front desk, Katy stated, "she had other work to focus on and could not lead the class." Katy gave NO notice to the admins of the sacred space or to her class attendees who were sitting in the room waiting for her to begin. Very rude of her. Not well organized at all

Darlene Montgomery

Darlene Montgomery left a review 1/20/2016

I thought this was cancel.

Bhargav Tulabandula

Bhargav Tulabandula left a positive review 10/19/2015

loved it

Abdulrahman Alharbi

Abdulrahman Alharbi left a positive review 4/13/2015

Very helpful ... coming from a third year engineering student :P

Abdulrahman Alharbi

Abdulrahman Alharbi left a positive review 4/7/2015

Very refreshing

Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet left a positive review 3/30/2015

Wonderful. Will be back.

Ravi Karthick Sankara Narayanan

Ravi Karthick Sankara Narayanan left a positive review 3/25/2015

It's was so exciting things we learned.I highly recommend the undergraduate students should participate in this event to sharpen their mathematical skills.

Amitha Dasari

Amitha Dasari left a positive review 3/15/2015

It gave me a new experience of how I could concentrate on myself. It was peaceful as well.

Sangjukta Sen Roy

Sangjukta Sen Roy left a review 2/16/2015

I went there but could not find anyone in room El 200. I also checked in room 201 but could not find anyone there

Raveena Ovalekar

Raveena Ovalekar left a positive review 1/18/2015

It was really helpful.

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