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Sacred Space

342 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, Boston

The Sacred Space is an open, warmly lit and simply furnished area. It offers an atmosphere of peace, a sense of the holy and a refuge for prayer, contemplation or meditation.

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Multifaith Sacred Space


(617) 373-2728



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Yoga 8/13/2014

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Yoga 8/6/2014

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Melanie Kasparian

Melanie Kasparian left a review 4/14/2014

I think there was a scheduling issue, as there were three in attendance, including myself, and Asha did not attend. No meeting cancellation was distributed. After about 15 minutes of waiting, we left the room. The previous week attended, 4/7, was great!

Manasa Survi

Manasa Survi left a positive review 3/7/2014

Due to spring break, there was no meditation. But, I had a good time reading the books.

Vasily Rodionov

Vasily Rodionov left a review 2/7/2014

I have to say sorry to the organizer of this event, because I didn't find it. It was held at 342 Huntington avenue, I looked around for maybe fifteen minutes, there were no numbers written on buildings; then asked the information desk at Curry Student Center where it was. They told me it's Ell hall, so I came in and still couldn't find it as there were no announcements or anything pointing in which direction to go, and it was really late. I have to say sorry, but I would suggest to write the address more clearly, with the directions where to go and number of the room and flour in the building where it is held.

Tali Rudy Zaltzman

Tali Rudy Zaltzman left a positive review 8/6/2013

It was awesome! I love her classes.

Natasha Nunez

Natasha Nunez left a positive review 4/9/2013

Great meditation! I left feeling positive and relaxed. Definitely worth it. May be a bit strange for newcomers, though :)

Caroline Keith

Caroline Keith left a positive review 2/19/2013

Perfect, even though I am not attempting to learn Chinese, every moment of this session was perfect. Thank you.

Ritesh Singh

Ritesh Singh left a positive review 1/16/2013

It was fun and useful.

Andre Landry

Andre Landry left a positive review 12/4/2012


Shubham Maheshwari

Shubham Maheshwari left a positive review 9/18/2012

It was really awesome. I liked it a lot and will continue going there.

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