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Faculty Works-in-Progress: David Rochefort

Faculty Works-in-Progress: David Rochefort 2/18 3:30pm

David Rochefort Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor, Political Science College of Social Sciences and Humanities “Contemporary Novels as Forms of...

Navigating the Global Food Fight: Is Free Trade Compatible with Food Security

Navigating the Global Food Fight: Is Free Trade... 2/23 4:30pm

Controversial Issues in Security Studies Jennifer Clapp, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security and Sustainability, Environment and...

Beyond The City-Hinterland Divide: Agrarian Elites In The Making Of India's Urban Real Estate Markets

Beyond The City-Hinterland Divide: Agrarian... 2/25 12:00pm

Asian Studies Lecture Series | Spring 2016 Featuring Sai Balakrishnan, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at Harvard University For any questions,...

Climate Change in Your Cup: Will Coffee Survive?

Climate Change in Your Cup: Will Coffee Survive? 3/1 11:45am

The World In Your Cup: Conversations on the Politics & Culture of Coffee Special Guest: Dr. Shadi Atallah, Assistant Professor, Environmental and...

"Creativity and Design" with Humanities Center Fellows

"Creativity and Design" with... 3/14 11:30am

Join us for the last talk of the “By Design” series. 3 of our Humanities Center faculty fellows will discuss creativity and design. Theo Davis Associate...

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Panagiotis Kontis

Panagiotis Kontis left a positive review 9/22/2015

An impressive gathering of students and scholars! In fact it was a lively presentation of the European crisis from various perspectives and an exchange of views between the speakers and the audience. I commend you for organizing such a high caliber event.

On a different note, myself as an economist and a Greek citizen who lived in Greece during the crisis I would be readily available to present when you organize the event's sequence.

Peter Kontis
D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Barbara Gardner

Barbara Gardner left a positive review 9/24/2014


Sirui Ouyang

Sirui Ouyang left a positive review 9/25/2014

It was great.I have learned the case of Jakarta.

Long Dinh

Long Dinh left a review 9/22/2014

It's a good seminar. However, I am from Vietnam and I am interested in the democracy in communist country. I would like to have that topic in the future.

Thoraya Benotmane

Thoraya Benotmane left a review 3/26/2014

Unfortunately i could not enter the room even that i have signed 2 weeks prior, the room was small I guess.
I wanted to ask : what it is for America to be involved in the backyard of Russia?


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