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SPPUA Research Seminar - "“Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job” How Do Summer Youth Employment Programs Improve Criminal Justice Outcomes, and for Whom?"

Summer youth employment programs (SYEPs) are believed to have the potential to improve the behavioral, economic, and academic outcomes of the populations...

11/21 12pm
Islam in Europe

Please join us for a lunchtime presentation by Dr. Alexander Görlach, senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, senior...

12/4 12pm
The Resilience Imperative:  Managing Mayhem in an Age of Global Turbulence

Please join us for a presentation by Stephen Flynn, Professor of Political Science; Founding Director, Global Resilience Institute, Northeastern University...

12/5 4:30pm
Considerations for the Economy and Governance of a One-million Person Mars Colony

Marshall Brain, Founder of HowStuffWorks and Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program at North Carolina State University, will be speaking at the...

2/7/2018 5pm
Whiplash: How to Survive a Faster Future?

Jeff Howe, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Founding Director of the Media Innovation Program at Northeastern University, will be speaking at the final...

3/14/2018 5pm

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Reuben Mathew Philip

Reuben Mathew Philip left a positive review 10/11/2017

Loved it, and the interaction after.

Amanda Tompkins

Amanda Tompkins left a positive review 11/1/2016

The film was amazing and brought to the forefront an important issue than most people aren't aware of. The discussion after with the filmmaker was informative and inspiring. I hope Northeastern continues to address global issues like this.

Devin Ambalangodage

Devin Ambalangodage posted a photo 8/24/2016

Unawatuna Unawatuna

Devin Ambalangodage

Devin Ambalangodage posted a photo 8/24/2016

Sigiriya Sigiriya

Devin Ambalangodage

Devin Ambalangodage posted a photo 8/24/2016

The Sri Lankan Beauty The Sri Lankan Beauty

Panagiotis Kontis

Panagiotis Kontis left a positive review 9/22/2015

An impressive gathering of students and scholars! In fact it was a lively presentation of the European crisis from various perspectives and an exchange of views between the speakers and the audience. I commend you for organizing such a high caliber event.

On a different note, myself as an economist and a Greek citizen who lived in Greece during the crisis I would be readily available to present when you organize the event's sequence.

Peter Kontis
D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Barbara Gardner

Barbara Gardner left a positive review 9/24/2014


Sirui Ouyang

Sirui Ouyang left a positive review 9/25/2014

It was great.I have learned the case of Jakarta.

Long Dinh

Long Dinh left a review 9/22/2014

It's a good seminar. However, I am from Vietnam and I am interested in the democracy in communist country. I would like to have that topic in the future.

Thoraya Benotmane

Thoraya Benotmane left a review 3/26/2014

Unfortunately i could not enter the room even that i have signed 2 weeks prior, the room was small I guess.
I wanted to ask : what it is for America to be involved in the backyard of Russia?