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SPPUA in Action Seminar

Justin de Benedictis-Kessner: "How Self-Interest and Group Identity Shape Opioid Treatment Policy Opinion" Sahar Mirzaee: "Network Science toward...

2/21 12pm
Yemen: The Human Cost of War

A conversation with Abby Maxman, CEO & President of Oxfam America

2/26 6pm
Yemen: The Human Cost of War, a conversation with Abby Maxman, CEO & President of Oxfam America

Abby Maxman is the president and CEO Oxfam America, a global non-profit dedicated to ending the injustice of poverty. Abby brings more than twenty five years...

2/26 6pm
Emotions: Separating Fact from Fiction

Dr. Lisa Barrett, University Distinguished Professor of Psychology; Director, Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory at Northeastern University, will...

2/27 5pm
SPPUA in Action Seminar

Alicia Modestino: "Reducing Inequality Summer by Summer: An Evaluation of the Boston Summer Youth Employment Program" Dan Urman: "The Supreme Court &...

3/19 12pm

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Melissa Daigle

Melissa Daigle left a positive review 3/27/2018

I could listen to Shani Mootoo read her work for hours. Beautiful voice, in writing and in speaking. Encore?

Qanita Dhanani

Qanita Dhanani posted a photo 3/27/2018

Reuben Mathew Philip

Reuben Mathew Philip left a positive review 10/11/2017

Loved it, and the interaction after.

Amanda Tompkins

Amanda Tompkins left a positive review 11/1/2016

The film was amazing and brought to the forefront an important issue than most people aren't aware of. The discussion after with the filmmaker was informative and inspiring. I hope Northeastern continues to address global issues like this.

Devin Ambalangodage

Devin Ambalangodage posted a photo 8/24/2016

Unawatuna Unawatuna

Devin Ambalangodage

Devin Ambalangodage posted a photo 8/24/2016

Sigiriya Sigiriya

Devin Ambalangodage

Devin Ambalangodage posted a photo 8/24/2016

The Sri Lankan Beauty The Sri Lankan Beauty

Panagiotis Kontis

Panagiotis Kontis left a positive review 9/22/2015

An impressive gathering of students and scholars! In fact it was a lively presentation of the European crisis from various perspectives and an exchange of views between the speakers and the audience. I commend you for organizing such a high caliber event.

On a different note, myself as an economist and a Greek citizen who lived in Greece during the crisis I would be readily available to present when you organize the event's sequence.

Peter Kontis
D'Amore-McKim School of Business

Barbara Gardner

Barbara Gardner left a positive review 9/24/2014


Sirui Ouyang

Sirui Ouyang left a positive review 9/25/2014

It was great.I have learned the case of Jakarta.