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Straight Expectations: What Does it Mean to Be Gay Today?

Straight Expectations: What Does it Mean to Be... 12/3 4:00pm

A Book Talk, Q&A, and Reception with Julie Bindel on her new book Straight Expectations: What Does it Mean to Be Gay Today? More than four decades after the...

Pedagogy-in-Progress: Innovative Assignments

Pedagogy-in-Progress: Innovative Assignments 12/4 12:00pm

Thinking of trying something new in your classroom? Looking for creative ideas to inspire student learning? Hoping to bounce your ideas off someone before...

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Sirui Ouyang

Sirui Ouyang left a positive review 9/25/2014

It was great.I have learned the case of Jakarta.

Long Dinh

Long Dinh left a review 9/22/2014

It's a good seminar. However, I am from Vietnam and I am interested in the democracy in communist country. I would like to have that topic in the future.

Thoraya Benotmane

Thoraya Benotmane left a review 3/26/2014

Unfortunately i could not enter the room even that i have signed 2 weeks prior, the room was small I guess.
I wanted to ask : what it is for America to be involved in the backyard of Russia?


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