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Physics Seminar: Unveiling and probing new phenomena in magnetic systems

Speaker: Dr. Benedetta Flebus of UCLA

Host: Dr. Gregory Fiete

The interplay between topology, Floquet engineering, and twistronics is currently revolutionizing our understanding of electronic systems. Can these ideas allow us to unveil new phases and phenomena in magnetic systems? And how can we effectively probe and detect these magnetic phenomena experimentally?
I will answer these questions, in part, by addressing a major limitation in our current understanding within the field, i.e., how the topological properties of magnons, the quanta of magnetic excitations, remain poorly explored experimentally because of their inherently dissipative nature. I will discuss how the recent introduction of non-Hermitian topological classifications has opened up opportunities for engineering topological phases in dissipative systems, and I will present our first proposal of a non-Hermitian topological magnonic system.
Next, I will focus on quantum-impurity (QI) relaxometry as a method of probing collective excitations in magnetic insulators. I will introduce a general framework that relates the QI relaxation time to the properties of magnetic collective modes, unveiling novel capabilities of this technique.
Finally, I will provide an outlook on future opportunities in the exploration of magnetic systems.

Friday, February 7 at 1:00pm

Dana Research Center, 114

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