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Physics Department Presents a Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

Condensed Matter Theory 

"New methods for treating strong electron correlation and their application to magnetism"


Sandeep Sharma 

Univeristy of Colorado Boulder


It can be shown that obtaining the ground state of a general quantum mechanical Hamiltonian is an NP-hard problem, which means that the cost scales exponentially with the size of the problem. Although at first, situation looks hopeless, a little thought reveals that although any method will fail in general we can come up with heuristic
algorithms that work remarkably well for a limited set of Hamiltonians. I will talk about several such algorithms including the use of tensor network states, quantum Monte Carlo and selected configuration interaction, that work well for many Hamiltonians of practical interest. These methods will then be used to describe magnetism in strongly correlated condensed matter systems and metalloclusters found in biocatalysts such as Porphyrin, Nitrogenase etc.
together. Our results for the realistic chaotic models are compared with those for random matrices, which corroborates their generality.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Dana Research Center, 114 110 Forsyth St

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COS, Physics

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