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GASC Seminar "Self-dual puzzles in Schubert calculus" by Iva Halacheva (Northeastern)

Abstract: Puzzles in Schubert calculus were originally developed by A. Knutson and T. Tao as combinatorial objects for computing the expansion of the product of two Grassmannian Schubert classes. I will describe how self-dual puzzles in turn allow us to compute the restriction of a Grassmannian Schubert class to the symplectic Grassmannian in equivariant cohomology. The proof uses the machinery of quantum integrable systems. Time permitting, I will also discuss some ideas about how to interpret and generalize this result using Lagrangian correspondences and Maulik-Okounkov stable classes. This is joint work in progress with Allen Knutson and Paul Zinn-Justin.

Monday, October 7, 2019 at 12:15pm to 1:15pm

511 Lake Hall

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COS, Mathematics, Geometry, Algebra, Singularities, Combinatorics (GASC)



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Mathematics Department

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