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Department of Physics Presents a Physics Colloquium


Cosmology as a Probe of Physics Beyond the Standard Model


Scott Watson

Syracuse University 


Cosmological observations provide overwhelming evidence that our universe is almost entirely comprised of dark energy and dark matter, both of which have no theoretical explanation within the standard model of particle physics. The former is responsible for a current period of cosmic acceleration, much like that which occurred in the earliest moments of the universe. The early period of cosmic acceleration, known as inflation, was vital in providing the primordial seeds from which galaxies and clusters formed, whereas the late time acceleration could eventually lead to the vanishing of most structure in the universe. The driving force behind cosmic acceleration, as well as dark matter, still remains elusive from the point of view of a microscopic theory. In this talk I will review both the theoretical and observational status of these issues with an emphasis on the excitement surrounding current and upcoming experiments.

Thursday, January 24 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Dana Research Center, 114 110 Forsyth St

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COS, Physics

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