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Monday, October 18

First Pages: Creative Freewriting and Journaling

CSDS is collaborating with Northeastern First Pages to organize Mindfulness, Interfaith learning, and Dialogue opportunities for students. Whether you have...

Northeastern Data Destruction Day 2021

If it’s time to say goodbye to that old device—and if it has the ability to hold data, make sure you PROPERLY and SAFELY destroy the device and associated...

Biology Colloquia Series: Frank Beier

Frank Beier, University of Western Ontario, Canada presents: Molecular heterogeneity in various types of osteoarthritis https://www.uwo.ca/physpharm/beier/

Virtual Event
CSSH Faculty Works-in-Progress Colloquium Series

The Faculty Works-in-Progress Colloquium is sponsored by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Northeastern University Humanities Center....

Misinformation Speaker Series: “Mainstream Media is the Problem” by David Rothschild, Microsoft Research

There is a lot of concern about how the news ecosystem affects public opinion, political polarization, and democracy. Most of the research and public debate...

Virtual Event
Intersections: An Interdisciplinary Human Trafficking Seminar Series

Please join us for our next “Intersections: An Interdisciplinary Human Trafficking Seminar” talk on Oct 18th 3:00 -4:00pm ET featuring Christina Melander...

Why Time Management Won't Stop Your Procrastination

Note: This Language & Culture workshop series from Global Student Success is designed for international students. Time management and procrastination can...

Virtual Event
Wes Lowery: A Reckoning on Race and Objectivity in Journalism

As protests against racism and police violence swept the country last year, the movement forced racial reckonings in every kind of institution – including...

Creative Freewriting and Journaling

Gyasi is an acclaimed writer. The act of writing is much more than an accomplishment of technical proficiency; it is a practice that can sustain our...

Finding Your Balance as an International Student

Studying abroad can be such an exciting and meaningful experience, but it does come with its own challenges and difficulties. As an international student,...

Virtual Event
Love & Information Poster

Live, in-person, theatrical performance of Caryl Churchill's play LOVE & INFORMATION.

Monday, October 18