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Tuesday, February 23

Engineers Week: Introduction to the Graduate School of Engineering

The Introduction to the Graduate School of Engineering is part of this year’s Engineers Week events. Location: This event is virtual, free, and open to the...

Black History Month Science Symposium

During Black History Month, the College of Science celebrates both the history and the many contributions of Black scientists. As a capstone to the College’s...

Virtual Event
CAMD Research & Creative Ventures Series: Health, Communication, and New Technology Part 1

Join us for an exciting showcase of faculty research and creative practice. The CAMD Research & Creative Ventures series highlights our faculty members who...

Virtual Event
Faculty Seminar Gamze Gürsoy

Personalized (functional) Genomics: Addressing the Challenges of Privacy, Sharing, and Analysis at Scale Personalized (functional) Genomics: Addressing the...

MathWorks-Northeastern Symposium on Wireless Communication

Topics of Discussion Testing Wireless Solutions at Scale. Colosseum as a Case Study Speaker: Stefano Basagni, ECE Dept, Northeastern University From...

Northeastern Seattle Campus Speaker Series

Northeastern-Seattle’s College of Social Sciences and Humanities is launching a virtual faculty speaker series. Dr. Daniel P. Alrdich is hosting the opening...

Virtual Event
Race, Policing, and the Community: Race and Youth & Police Relationships

The Institute on Race and Justice and its Community Advisory Board present "Race and Youth & Police Relationships," a forum for an open conversation between...

Virtual Event
Engineers Week: Pathways to Science and Engineering

The Center for STEM Education is hosting an Pathways to Science and Engineering for this year’s Engineers Week events. Location: This event is virtual, free,...

Racial Literacy: Students Reflect

The Presidential Council on Diversity and Inclusion at Northeastern University presents public events for the Northeastern community and an associated...

Virtual Event
A History of Civic Engagement in Higher Education

Did you know a core, founding mission of many colleges and universities was to teach its students to be “good citizens”? Join us for A History of Civic...

Virtual Event
Caring for Self and Others: Practicing Mindfulness and Gratitude

Join an introductory interactive Zoom session that will include guided meditation, light stretching, and an optional journaling exercise, so please bring...

Virtual Event

Tuesday, February 23