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Thursday, January 30

Do you have a Vision Disorder? Participate in a NIH funded research study

Do you have a confirmed diagnosis for Macular Degeneration, or other ophthalmic condition such as Glaucoma, Optical Neuritis, Or Multiple Sclerosis. If so,...

Guided Meditation

Explore the practice of mindfulness meditation through awareness of the breath and detachment from one's thoughts. Through this practice we will cultivate a...

RISE:2020 Info Session

Learn the Who, What, Why of RISE. What RISE is. A showcase for ideas, findings, impact. A showcase for you! Who participates in...

Caffè Italiano! Italiano Coffee Hour

A free and open conversation and games event where you can practice your Italian while enjoying a real Italian epresso and cookies a meet new friends!

GSS Writing Workshop: Say it in Your Own Words

In this session, you will learn how to paraphrase and summarize. Global Student Success’ writing workshop series will help students hone in on a different...

Psychology Department Colloquium

Anna Kosovicheva from Northeastern University, will give a talk titled " Where is it?: Understanding localization in normal and impaired vision"


Yoga is a great way to combine spiritual practice, mental discipline, stress-busting techniques, and physical exercise that builds strength and flexibility....

90 Days to Graduation Celebration

Seniors, it’s almost 90 days to graduation – time to celebrate! The Class of 2020 will be taking over Wild Rover for this senior tradition. Come join us on...

Thursday, January 30