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Monday, March 10

MIE Special Seminar with Professor Long-Qing Chen

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Presents Professor Long-Qing Chen Department of Materials Science and Engineering Materials,...

"Feeding Boston" Research Cluster Series

Mapping Opportunities for Coastal Urban Production of Food and Fuel: What Do We Know and Where Can We Grow? Matthew Eckelman, Assistant Professor,...

"Mapping Opportunities for Coastal Urban Production of Food and Fuel: What Do We Know and Where Can We Grow?,"  Matthew Eckelman, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

"Feeding Boston" Research Cluster lecture series

Biology Colloquium Series

"Unexpected Consequences of DNA Repair", presented by Leona Samson of MIT and hosted by Dr. Phyllis Strauss

ECE Special Seminar

"Intergrid: A Future Electronic Energy Network?" Dr. Dushan Boroyevich American Electric Power Professor Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer...

Eyes On the Prize: Two Societies (1965-68)

Student Affairs, The John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute and the College of Social Sciences & Humanities present EYES ON THE PRIZE Eyes on the...

Gospel of Mark Study

Study of the Gospel of Mark Open to students, faculty, and staff

Tracking & Session Workflow

This one-hour workshop will offer hands-on experience with tracking and studio sessions. You must have completed the Fundamentals of Audio Recording workshop...

Community Ambassador Information Session

Be a leader in your community...be a community ambassador! Learn more about what it means to be a community ambassador and how to apply!

Guided Meditation with student Asha Bucklin

Meditation is a practical method to become more familiar with the needs of your body and mind. By improving concentration and mindfulness we can develop...

Monday, March 10