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Monday, February 24

Vacation (All NUSL Students)

Vacation (All NUSL Students)

ECE Department Seminar

"Sonar Inside Your Body - Toward Implantable Ultrasonic Sensor Networks" Prof. Tommaso Melodia, EE, SUNY Buffalo Monday, February 24, 9-10:30AM, 442 Dana ...

MIE Seminar: Breakdown of elasticity: from nano-indentation in metals to rigidity loss in soft-particle suspensions.

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Presents Professor CRAIG E. MALONEY, Carnegie Mellon University Topic: Breakdown of...

Biology Colloquium Series

"Mechano- and Glyco-biology Mechanisms of Vascular Endothelial (sys)function", presented by Dr. Eno Ebong of Northeastern University and hosted by Dr. Erin Cram

CIVE 7400 Distinguished Seminar Series: Nitrosamines: Why it has Emerged as a New Disinfection By-product of Concern for Drinking Water Systems

Drinking water systems have managed the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs) such as trihalomethanes (THM) or haloacetic acids (HAA) which form from...

Eyes On the Prize: The Time Has Come (1964-66)

Student Affairs, The John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute and the College of Social Sciences & Humanities present EYES ON THE PRIZE Eyes on the...

Gospel of Mark Study

Study of the Gospel of Mark Open to students, faculty, and staff

Intro to Camerawork

This one-hour workshop will present different types of cameras and outline the basics of their operation. Spots are limited, so please RSVP to...

"Feeding Boston" Research Cluster Series

Local Food Policy and the Historical Conflict between Urban and Environmental Land Use Planning in the United States James Connolly, Assistant Professor,...

"Local Food Policy and the Historical Conflict between Urban and Environmental Land Use Planning in the United States," James Connolly, Northeastern University

"Feeding Boston" Research Collaborative Lecture Series

Become an International Student Advisor for The N.U.in Program

We are currently recruiting co-ops and recent Northeastern grads to serve International Student Advisors for Fall 2014. An International Student Advisor...

Guided Meditation with student Asha Bucklin

Meditation is a practical method to become more familiar with the needs of your body and mind. By improving concentration and mindfulness we can develop...

BMES Career Series Event

The Northeastern University Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) presents its 3rd bi-annual Career Series Event. BMES is proud to host industry leaders...

Monday, February 24