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Thursday, April 25

Better World Books Drive

Circle K is hosting a book drive during from Tuesday, April 16th, through Friday, April 26th, in conjunction with Better World Books. If the bookstore won't...

Western Massachusetts Reception for Dean Paul

Join the Western Massachusetts Alumni/ae Chapter for a reception at Bishops Lounge in Northampton. Please pre-register for this event online or by phone...

Barnett Lecture “How Have Advances in Measurement Tools Driven Neuroscience Over the Past Decade”

Jonathan Sweedler, Ph.D.,James R. Eiszner Family Chair in Chemistry, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Editor-in-chief Analytical Chemistry will give...

Inaugural Beverly Brenner Distinguished Lectures

Barnett Institute 40th Anniversary. Lecture series focuses on microfluidics and proteomics

How to DELIVER an ENGAGING PowerPoint Presentation

Have you ever experienced a BORING PowerPoint presentation? In the class "PowerPoint - How to Design & Creating Engaging Presentations", we looked at how to...

Hoehn Lectures in Bioanalytical Chemistry

“The Current and Future State of Biotechnology”, Panel discussion with venture capitalists Peter Barrett, Christoph Westphal, Jonathan Fleming and Noubar Afeyan

Boston Regional Alumni/ae Gathering

Meet, mingle and network with fellow members of the Boston Regional Alumni/ae Chapter at the Union Club. Please pre-register for this event online here or...

Thursday, April 25