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Monday, March 4

CCIS Mondays

CCIS Mondays 11:30am

Weekly event for prospective students and parents to learn more about the College and field of Computer and Information Science

Admissions Visitors Center  
Amphiphilic Mycobacterial Clycans: Synthesis, Biosynthesis and Lipid-binding Properties

Amphiphilic Mycobacterial Clycans: Synthesis,... 12:00pm

Dr. Todd Lowary, Professor of Chemistry, University of Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta Host: Dr. George O'Doherty

129 Hurtig Hall  
Positivity Meditation

Positivity Meditation 12:00pm

This meditation is guided with the intention of leaving you with the ability to find balance, love, and creativity within yourself at all times. No...

Sacred Space  

Monday, March 4

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