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Tuesday, February 26

Northeastern City Design and Sustainability Symposium

Northeastern City Design and Sustainability... 9am

The complex cultural ecology of the urban realm is rapidly changing. Today’s economic and environmental paradigms are integrating with emerging technologies...

Curry Student Center, Ballroom  
Bilingual Meditation Stress Reduction Group

Bilingual Meditation Stress Reduction Group 3:30pm

Meditation can be a relaxing way to cultivate a healthy and happy mind. These sessions are directed towards students learning a foreign language (Chinese or...

Sacred Space, 2nd Floor, Ell Hall  
Ask A Realtor

Ask A Realtor 6pm

Drop by and chat with a pro! Stop by 226 CSC for an informal Q&A with an area realtor. Get answers to any questions you may have about the apartment search...

Curry Student Center, 226  
Just Breathe :: Guided Meditation ::

Just Breathe :: Guided Meditation :: 6pm

Breathing is an everyday experience. But how often do we take a moment to enjoy the relaxation and health benefits that come from this gentle awareness? With...

Sacred Space, 200 Ell Hall  
International Idol

International Idol 8pm

Unleash you inner diva and belt your heart out at this year’s International Idol! Regardless of singing ability or musicianship, everyone deserves to bask in...


Tuesday, February 26