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Sunday, November 4

Mission Hill Breakfast Club

Mission Hill Breakfast Club 12pm

Breakfast Club focuses on building a positive relationship between students and residents in our neighborhoods by picking up trash and keeping the streets...

Corner of St. Alphonus & Calumet  
Philadelphia Alumni Chapter - Gourmet Culinary Tour

Philadelphia Alumni Chapter - Gourmet Culinary... 1:45pm

Philadelphia's culinary scene is booming with tasty treats and we want you to take advantage! Join fellow Huskies, friends, and family for a food tour with...

Band Beanpot Concert

Band Beanpot Concert 4pm

Concert Bands from Boston College, Boston University, Harvard University, and Northeastern perform.

Fenway Center  
Yoga Classes in Sacred Space with Jackie Myers

Yoga Classes in Sacred Space with Jackie Myers 5pm

Yoga is a great way to combine spiritual practice, mental discipline, stress-busting techniques, and physical excercise that builds strength and flexibility....

Sacred Space, 200 Ell Hall  

Sunday, November 4