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Tuesday, March 31

Do you have a Vision Disorder? Participate in a NIH funded research study

Do you have a confirmed diagnosis for Macular Degeneration, or other ophthalmic condition such as Glaucoma, Optical Neuritis, Or Multiple Sclerosis. If so,...

Listeners for Child Speech Intelligibility Study

Participate in a research study examining children's intelligibilty. Our goal is to understand how speech disorders in children affect their ability to be...

COVID-19 Briefing: Impacts and Implications for the US Prison System

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, vulnerable populations like those in the US prison system are at particular risk. This live COVID-19 Law...

Guided Meditation

Explore the practice of mindfulness meditation through awareness of the breath and detachment from one's thoughts. Through this practice we will cultivate a...

Osborne headshot

“Difference within Difference: A Study of Modern Black Conservative Rhetoric” Advisor: Professor Ellen Cushman All are welcome to attend. Join via Teams.


Yoga is a great way to combine spiritual practice, mental discipline, stress-busting techniques, and physical exercise that builds strength and flexibility....

POSTPONED: A Conversation on Whistleblowing, Authority, and Subversion

Presented by the 2019-2020 Humanities Center "Authority & Subversion" Fellows

Making a Graduate School Plan

In this intensive workshop for people planning to apply to graduate school in the fall, we’ll walk through the steps of identifying a right fit graduate...

Tuesday, March 31