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Lisa Golemme

Lisa Golemme left a review 10/5/2018

Was unable to attend due to lack of information. Originally, was supposed to be placed on a waiting list but poor communication did not allow clarification. The day of the event I received an email stating to pick up a lanyard and I would get a text when I was able to enter. However, I work full time and need advanced notice. This is unacceptable. I tried multiple attempts to secure information and access to this event.

Cuiwei Guo

Cuiwei Guo left a negative review 10/5/2018

Honestly the career fair is not very productive. Some of students only waiting for a line for certain companies costed two or three hours.

Priteshkumar Balwant Indore

Priteshkumar Balwant Indore left a positive review 10/5/2018

It was one of the best career fairs I’ve seen

Shruti Sanjay Patankar

Shruti Sanjay Patankar left a negative review 2/5/2015

It was tiring to stand in queues for few companies. Also, every company told to apply from NEU COOL Database. Then, I did not understand the purpose of the Career Fair.

Nicholas Materise

Nicholas Materise left a review 2/5/2015

This was the third time of the four years that I have attended the career fair at Northeastern and I have had similar experiences each year. The Cabot Cage is really the only venue that can support the mass number of people that attracted to 100+ companies. With that said, I did land my first co-op from the career fair by meeting with a company representative in the fall and following up with them in the spring, leading to a co-op position where none existed for undergraduates prior to my pursuit. The event has some safety and traffic bottle-necks, especially this year, where student registered near the Solomon Courts and funneled into the basketball courts. The basketball court area is too small to accommodate the number of students and companies that were placed in that area. Overall, the fair is relatively chaotic, yet useful for students who are able to meet their specific needs and answer their questions amid the noise. To reduce the number of students at the opening of the fair and throughout the day, the security and administrative personnel could regulate the number of people entering at a time. Ultimately, the future of the event should be dictated on measurable figures of number of attendants compared to placements in the companies that attended.

Jefferson Cardoso

Jefferson Cardoso left a positive review 4/10/2014

It was very good to see piece of research about my area and others.

Michelle Christ

Michelle Christ left a positive review 10/3/2012

it was great!

Anna Francesca Del Rosario

Anna Francesca Del Rosario left a positive review 10/3/2012

The career fair provided a lot of options and there were plenty of companies that were multi-disciplinary. It was overall a good career fair to start off the year.