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Henderson Executive Suite consists of three equal sized rooms

324 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, Boston

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Snell Library

Meet the dedicated staff and discover specialized resources—from 100,000 e-journals, to 30 years of recordings of Boston alt-rock station WFNX, to the...

1/29 5:30pm
PEAK Experiences Award Series: Developing a Research Question or Creative Problem Workshop

All research and creative endeavors revolve around a central research question, but how do you narrow down your interests and articulate an effective one?...

2/5 5:30pm
Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad Info Session

The Gilman Scholarship offers up to $5,000 to support international study and internships for American students. Learn from the Office of Undergraduate...

2/11 5:30pm
PEAK Experiences Award Series: Ethical Conduct of Research and Creative Endeavor Workshop

Research and creative projects must be both intellectually rigorous and also ethically sound: protecting human subjects, respecting animals, and treating our...

2/12 5:30pm
PEAK Experiences Award Series: Formulating a Project Proposal Workshop

You’ve developed a question, researched the background, devised the methods—but how do you communicate the elements of your project effectively to an...

2/18 5:30pm

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Vasily Rodionov

Vasily Rodionov left a review 10/27/2015

There was no starting time mentioned (as it turned out later, it was noon), only the ending time, 1:30. Since it was the only time mentioned, I came at 1:30 thinking that it was the starting time, hence missed the event. Please put the starting time to avoid confusions.