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Mini-class: Communication versus Language

What is Language? we may ask. Is language a communication system? Can communication happen without language? It seems so as animals communicate and they do...

8/12 4pm
Virtual Event
Women in the Law Conference

The twelfth annual Women in the Law Conference will take place on Friday, September 25, 2020, at Northeastern University School of Law. This conference...

Mini-class: Conlanging through the Ages

Pop-culture phenomena like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elvish, Star Trek’s Klingon, and Game of Thrones’s Dothraki offer only a glimpse of the imagination demonstrated...

8/17 4pm
Virtual Event
How can I organize and manage my digital stuff (in 20 minutes)?: A Bite-Sized Webinar

Getting your digital house in order is like writing a love letter to your future self. We’ll share a few quick file organization, naming, and documentation...

Library logo

Find yourself giving more virtual presentations lately? Want to captivate your audience but not sure how? We’ll share design tips to overcome the challenges...

8/20 12pm
Virtual Event
Ask a Linguist

Have questions about language? Drop in and ask professional linguists your questions! Or come and listen to other questions! We'll try to answer anything...

8/20 4pm
Virtual Event
Gideon Klein Project and Holocaust Archives Student Presentations

Part of the postponed 2020 Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Week, we will screen two student presentations: The 2019-2020 Gideon Klein project which is an...

International Student Town Hall

Join OGS for a Q&A with a panel of current Northeastern students. Ask us questions about campus, classes, life in Boston and more!

8/12 11am
Virtual Event
How do I organize my data in a digital repository?: A Bite-Sized Webinar

Do you need to store your research data in a digital repository, for publishing or grant requirements? In this 20 minute workshop, we will give an overview...

Owning Your Student Identity While Crafting Your Professional Identity

How can you take what you’re learning in your program and leverage it to make you stand out while finding a job and, later, maintaining a career? In this...

8/19 11am
Virtual Event